Muskana FCI   is a small breeding of Continental Toy Spaniel - Papillon.

     Our breeding is young, however the very first dog - female dachshund came to our life almost fifteen years ago.

     We’ve fallen in love with papillons in 2007 when we saw them at the Warsaw Dog Show for the first time. They were so beautiful and full of grace that it wasn’t impossible to get away eyes from them.

     From now on we began interested in papillons, their origin, character, disposition and requirements of the breed. After long time searching we bought Carmen de Pompadour – small pap and the most beautiful being all over the world. She joined our pets: senior female dachshund Figa and yorkshire terrier Kesi.

     The next papillon in our family was Fragolina de Pompadour. She arrived to us in 2011 and then we decided to leave our town, settled the country and dedicated ourselves to the kennel.

     At present we are living in the countryside outside Cracow in a standalone house. Our numerous cluster of papillons: Carmen, Fragolina, Zaira, Nayla and Niuel live as family members. They are enjoying their lives playing, running and doing various crazy things in very nice surroundings full of greenery. Our house is all for them also. We care about them and stay with them all our time. Now we cannot imagine our life without them.

     We are very glad that you have come to visit the website of Muskana. Here you can read about our dogs, their offspring, show results. When we have papillons for sale or litters planned, we will announce this under the menu section "For sale". There is also a section presenting the papillon history and breed standard.

Now have a nice time surfing around on our site!

Kind regards                               

Beata i Jacek Cisińscy

"A dog is the only thing on Earth that loves you more than you love yourself"
                                                                                      Josh Billings


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