If You have any questions or You are interested in our puppies, please feel free to contact us.
tel.: +48 509920105
       +48 509920106

If you send your enquiry by e-mail, please include the following information:
- something about yourself and your family,
- where do you live?
- what your expectations are (a show, breed or pet and companion dog)?
- your experience with the breed and dogs generally.

We have been members of The Polish Kennel Club since 2008 year.
Our kennel is registered in the FCI No. 756/10.
Located in 32-210 Książ Wielki, 50 km from Cracow, Poland.

We pay a lot of attention to the proper socialization of our puppies.
Babies are in constant contact and play with us and members of our canine pack.
They play outside every day and are already taken for walks around the area.
We attach great importance to the health of our dogs.
Therefore, puppies like our adult dogs, are fed on the RAW diet (diet imitating nature),
in which raw meat is the basis. No commercial food is able to match our food.
Puppies eat such food with taste, without any fussing.
They are very lively and happy. Their faeces are very little :)

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